Dynamics of a Transformational Person (4 of 4)

This is the fourth of four BLOGS dedicated to reflecting more of the “why” of being a transformational person.

My premise is that if someone understands the “why” being of transformational person it will inspire them and give them sustainability.

Transformational people are externally-open!

Let’s set the stage. Being someone who is externally-open does NOT mean you need to be an extrovert nor be a person who is non-principled or can be easily swayed. Rather, it means having an openness to learn and become aware (of yourself and situations around you).

As a coach and trusted advisor I encourage people to be open to new ideas or processes. Initially, they may not make sense and, of course, there is always space for healthy debate and disagreement. This is about noticing that our first response could be, “I’m open!”

We humans share a common trait, we go to great lengths to defend the status-quo or what we perceive as “normal.” Routine is not bad; mindless routine is. Consistency is beneficial; mindless consistency is debilitating. Defending a principle is not bad; being closed-minded is. The question is, “Are you open?”

How do I know if I am internally-closed? Evaluate your response when change is suggested, constructive criticism is offered, or your point of view challenged. Do you roll your eyes, huff, or mumble under your breath, “Whatever!”? Do you feel yourself shutting down; not listening? Are you preparing your defense instead of using your energy to listen and learn? Do you find yourself blaming others, passing the buck, or repeatedly saying, “No!” If you do, these are signs that you may be bordering on being internally closed.

Transformational people – who are pursuing inner transformation and a new normal – choose a different perspective. They intentionally put rhythms in their life to support the “why”: they seek to become people who are externally open.

  • They are aware of their tendency to resist anything that challenges their “normal” and make conscious decisions to become more aware of themselves and the situations they are in
  • They become avid learners of themselves
  • They seek feedback and look for the kernels of truth
  • They are open to the possibilities of being challenged
  • They take themselves less seriously and are open to more enjoyment and fun

If you to take some steps on becoming a transformational person, step four is to intentionally look for ways to be open. When you know the “why” your “how” and “what” will have the right inspiration and direction.

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